Recovery Gear


We had absolutely no idea about the type of conditions we would encounter on our trip and so it was difficult to decide on what recovery gear to take with us. We decided to err on the side of caution and opted for a rather extensive recovery kit. We have made a list of the gear that forms part of our recovery kit. We have tried to be as comprehensive as possible - our apologies for all the technical mumbo jumbo



The previous owner of our vehicle had installed a winch before we purchased it. Its a Warn X8000i front bullbar mounted electric winch, with 30 metres/8mm diameter aircraft wire rope. Before we left we had it serviced by Warn in Johannesburg - it came out as good as new! Our winch has proved invaluable so far and although we have not needed it to get ourselves out of a tight spot (yet) we have pulled other vehicles out of the sand and mud.


Snatch blocks, shackles, kinetic straps etc

The following is a list of some of the bits and pieces in our kit:


1 x Snatch block


2 x large 4.75 ton bow-shackles


2 x large D-shackles


2 x small D-shackles


1 x 9m Spanset heavy-duty Tuggum/Snatch/Kinetic Strap


1 x 4m Tree Protection/Anchor Strap


1 x 20m Heavy-duty Polypropylene tow roap


Our High-Lift Jack and accessories


1 x High-Lift Jack


1 x High Lift Jack adapter for 110 Land Rover Defender


1 x High Lift "jack-nappy" to protect the moving parts from dust while stored


1 x Jacking plate with 4 holes


4 x Jacking plate stakes to anchor the plate




2 x Recovery tow hitches (fitted to front and rear)


1 x Set of mud/snow chains for added traction in extremely muddy conditions


1 x set of leather gloves


2 x Lasher garden-type shovels