Traveling to Zimbabwe………


Passports and Visas


To travel to Zimbabwe (if you are over the age of 16), you require a valid passport or other valid travel document.  Kids under the age of 16 need a children’s passport or other travel document and a letter of consent from their parents or guardian permitting them to travel.


South African passport holders require visas to enter Zimbabwe.  Single entry visas can be obtained at the border and South African passport holders do not have to pay for them.  Multiple entry visas must be obtained prior to departure and can be obtained from the Chief Immigration Officer, Private Bag 7717, Causeway, Harare or from the Zimbabwe Consulate in Johannesburg, 17th Floor, CCMA Building, 20 Anderson Street, Tel:  (011) 838 2156; Fax: (011) 838 5620.  Allow at least 7 days for obtaining multiple entry visas.  Tourist multiple entry visas are valid for 6 months while those obtained for business are valid for a year.


You must also be able to satisfy the immigration authorities that you have the financial resources to cover your stay for the proposed period and the cost of the return journey.  If not you may be required to make a deposit to cover any repatriation costs that may be incurred.  When we entered Zimbabwe however we were not asked about our financial resources or whether we had sufficient funds to cover our proposed stay.


Personal Effects


Zimbabwe is not part of the Common Customs Area.  You may import used clothing, personal effects, binoculars, cameras and camping equipment into Zimbabwe without paying any import duty on it.  Other goods may be imported duty free to a maximum of ZW$2000-00 per person for a 30 day stay.  You may import 5 litres of alcohol (of which not more than 2 litres may be spirits) duty free.  Tobacco, cigars and cigarettes that are imported form part of your ZW$2000-00 allowance.







Firearms and ammunition must be declared at the border post of entry and a Visitors Certificate to Possess Firearms and Ammunition must be completed.  The certificate is issued for the duration of the visitor’s stay up to a maximum of 90 days.


Firearms and ammunition are not subject to customs duty – however should the value of your firearm exceed your ZW$2000-00 limit, you will be required to pay duty on it.


A license to own a firearm and an export certificate from the SAP will need to be obtained before visiting Zimbabwe.


CB radios


The temporary importation of a CB radio is prohibited unless a license is obtained in advance.


Vehicles, Registration, Licensing etc







Driving and Roads in Zimbabwe



Petrol and Diesel


There have been severe shortages of petrol and diesel in Zimbabwe recently.  There is diesel and petrol available at Vic Falls and at nearby Kasane and Kazungula on the Botswana side of the border.  We have been advised that you can get diesel inland in Zimbabwe – you will however have to queue for it and may be limited to 20 or 30 litres per vehicle.  We have been advised however that if you tell the petrol attendant that you are traveling through, you may be able to get some additional petrol or diesel.  We have not tried this so don’t know whether it works.