Where we have been so far…………


The first leg of our trip was designed as a trial run.  We decided to visit Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe as part of our trial run so that we could test out our vehicle and our gear before starting our main trip through East Africa to London.  We thought that this would give us the opportunity to streamline our systems and to iron out any problems before setting off on the main part of our trip.  We chose Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe as part of the test run as we perceived these countries to be relatively “on the beaten track” from a tourist perspective.  These three countries (with the exception of Zimbabwe, perhaps) are also not on the traditional overland route to London and we were keen not to miss out on visiting them. The trial run started in Cape Town on 6 March 2000 and ended in Pretoria on 21 April 2000.  We were amazed at how few problems we had experienced during the month and a half trial.  There were however some modifications that needed to be made to the vehicle and our gear.  In Pretoria we had our vehicle serviced and made the necessary changes to our gear.  We set off from Pretoria on 18 May 2000 to start the main part of our journey. 


We have accumulated quite a bit of information about the places we have visited which is included here for reference.



Travelling to Namibia