Bosman's Big Adventure

An overland journey from Cape Town to London

6th March to 1st December 2000

Bosman's Big Adventure was a concept born out of a dinner at Blue's Restaurant in Camps Bay, Cape Town, over a bottle of chardonnay and oysters. We had thought of following the constant stream of our friends and aquaintances that had been leaving South Africa to work in London but we thought - "Why fly to London when you can drive?".

Beaverlac, Cederberg, South Africa


From the time that the idea was conceived in August 1999 it took just over six months for us to pack up our lives in Cape Town, resign from our jobs as attorneys, acquire our Land Rover and plan our trip. We left Cape Town on 6 March 2000. Our first stop was Cape Agulhas. We had decided that Cape Agulhas was a fitting place to start our trip so that we could truly say that we had travelled through Africa from the Southern most tip!

The start of our trip - Cape Agulhas, South Africa


We can't really claim that driving through Africa was a life long dream of ours. On the contrary - the idea presented itself to us in a rather hapzard way. However, once we had decided to embark on the trip we couldn't wait to get started. A trip through Africa, we thought, would provide us with an excellent opportunity to expand our view of the world and to discover that there was more to the world than life in Cape Town, South Africa. On a less philosophical note though, we thought that the trip would provide us with an excellent opportunity to travel, meet new people, have different experiences, face new challenges and above all to have fun. In the final analysis, the overwhelming motivation for embarking on our overland trip was that it sure beat a day in the office!


Neville Bungi Jumping at Victoria Falls



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Sunset over the Chobe River, Ihaha Camp, Chobe, Botswana


Bosmans and Landi at Big Ben in London


Baines Baobabs, Nxai Pan, Botswana

Nev fishing on the Orange River, Richtersveld, South Africa

Bush Repairs, Chobe, Botswana



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